Could your Baby have Acid Reflux?

What Cause Reflux In Babies

All babies spit up and vomit from time-to-time, after birth.  An infant’s stomach is quite small, so during feeding, a baby’s tummy can easily distend to hold more liquid.

In many infants (especially baby boys), the lower esophagus valve is often immature at birth and does not completely close over the esophageal opening to prevent back-up of milk liquids during the ingestion process.

Today, as birth weight is increasing in U.S. born babies, more parents are becoming concerned about what is an O.K. amount of regurgitation allowable.

As we generally gain a greater understanding of how food and drinks are processed through our dietary systems as adults, it is a natural tendency to attribute these symptoms to other members of our family structure.

A major part of the concern could come from parents who are experiencing G.E.R.D., (Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease) and as a result of their deepening understanding of the underlying causes of GERD, they begin to suspect symptom logy in their own children.

If a baby is content, growing properly, and in no discomfort during regurgitation episodes; it is unlikely that GERD is associated with the baby’s diet.

However, if there is pain or discomfort associated with a re-gurgitation episode, it is of sufficient value to contact your Family Doctor or Pediatrician to schedule a medical visit and explain the symptoms your baby is experiencing during feeding times.

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